The Cannabis Vaporizing Expanding Trend

There is a growing body of literature supporting the many medical benefits of Cannabis, and more and more physicians are recognizing these benefits and are prescribing cannabis to their patients.  

Additionally, cannabis’ recreational use has expanded in percentage of users, and across various demographics since the 1960’s. 

For decades, cannabis and its users have been under the cloud of an undeserved stigma.  But the times, they are a changin’!  In most of the western world, cannabis is getting face lift.  We connoisseurs have always known that cannabis has been unfairly criticized and underappreciated. But in some places like Canada, cannabis has been legal for medical use since 2001 and is slated to be legalized for recreational use as well in July of 2018!

While cannabis use is finally becoming normalized in our society, there are downsides to smoking cannabis; the most obvious of these is inhaling the smoke.  Smoke from combustion contains a myriad of carcinogens and particles that are damaging to our health.  These negative effects can be avoided by ingesting cannabis, which is great, but many users prefer inhalation for its relatively fast action and shorter duration.  Smoking in a group-rather than ingesting- is also an important and treasured ritual for many.  Smoking also leaves a strong smell of cannabis in the air and on the smokers which may be undesirable for many people.

Utillian 721 Vaporizer

Vaporizing is an excellent alternative to smoking that many have already come to love.  Rather than actually burning the cannabis, vaporizers work by heating the dried flower or concentrate (depending of the vaporizer you choose) to a temperature that releases the active components, the trichomes, are released in a light cloud of ‘vapor’.   Vaporizers are highly effective and efficient, and the flavour of the particular strain can be fully savored.  Some describe being able to finally taste th


e smell they’ve always loved.  Vaporizers come in a variety of forms: stationary or portable, battery or plug-in,  for dried botanical only or for extracted concentrates and suspensio

ns like an e-liquid.  Some portable units can be used with Herb or concentrates.   The different forms and types have different pros and cons, and of course different price points.  You can get a lot of great information in a short time by ha

ving a conversation with a reputable and knowledgeable  cannabis vaporizer supplier. 

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Vape Happy! 


Dave Bergstrome, Rocky Shore.