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Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are on-the-go devices that allow you to take the show on the road.  But like all cannabis vaporizers, there is no combustion;  the device will use either conductive or convective heat to gently entice the active ingredients of your best product without generating smoke and all the associated nasty toxins.  Portable vaporizers can be used for waxes, concentrates and of course, dried cannabis. Medical marijuana patients can enjoy their medicine anytime, anywhere with an easy to load device that is easy to transport and store.  Recreational users can take cannabis out on the town, or along for the hike. The battery life of portable herb vapes has increased significantly over the years with the ongoing development of Lithium Ion batteries, and some, like the Air II and Argo by Arizer have pretty impressive battery life.  Hit the trail, walk the Shore, lounge by the pool in the back yard all with your awesome vaporizer from Rocky Shore Cannabis!

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These stealthy little guys have come along way from the early years of vaping.They now offer all the major features of a desktop vaporizer without exceeding the price range of the average vaper. While they aren’t powerful enough to inflate a bag and provide less vapor overall than a desktop unit, they can produce very good vapor and feature precise temperature controls.

Our most popular portable vape models, such as the DaVinci Ascent, Arizer Air 2, or v2 Pro Series will deliver the purest vapor, while some of the more affordable models might still combust some of the material. We at Rocky Shore only carry the best portable vaporizers and have tried and tested each one we stock. Read our full reviews for more information and opinions on our vaporizers.