About Rocky Shore

Rocky-Shore-Logo-Circle-Green-cultivatedAfter a long love affair with cannabis, we finally found what we feel is the ultimate way to administer our beloved weed…through vaporization.   Vaporizing provides all the efficacy of the herb without all the toxins associated with  combustion, and allows you to fully savor the bud and to  “taste the smell” you’ve always loved.

Rocky Shore Cannabis is taking the high road on the administration of medical and recreational marijuana as a Canadian e-commerce company dedicated to supporting the legal, responsible and healthy use of  marijuana.  Our goal is to offer Canadian and global patients and connoisseurs an alternative to smoking cannabis;  because burning anything and inhaling the smoke just can’t be good.  Our mission is simple.  We are fanatically committed to providing the best selection of quality cannabis vaporizing products in Canada, backed by the best possible customer service we can provide…we promise.  We provide the best Cannabis Vaporizers in Canada to the people who need them…that’s it.  It’s all we do.

We call our company Rocky Shore Cannabis because for the past 50 years,  our lives have been anchored to a beautiful little lake with Rocky Shores in the Land ‘O Lakes Region of  Ontario, Canada.  And because we just love cannabis that much; it makes us happy…like a puppy…like a puppy that comes with cannabis…and a Rocky Shore Vaporizer.

Vape Happy!  😉