Arizer ArGo Review-Go Performance!

The Arizer ArGo Herb Vaporizer Review

Go Performance!

The renowned Canadian manufacturer Arizer is 3 for 3.  After releasing upgrades to the original Solo and Air in the Air II and SOLO II, they have followed up with the new, truly portable ArGo (for Arizer Go).

We just received ours and tried it out!  Here’s what we thought…

The Form…

First of all, the ArGo is way smaller and more portable than anything Arizer has put out in the past, and is smaller than many others.  We really like the size at about 2” x 3.5” x 1”.  Despite its small stature, it feels really substantial and comfortable in your hand.  Overall, we really like the monolithic look of the ArGo, and the rubberized exterior around the bottom of the unit is comfortable, and provides a nice, soft grip.

The top portion of the device is plastic and has a telescopic, spring loaded action, so that when you depress it, it latches down, exposing the Aroma Tube (glass bowl and draw stem). Press a small flush-mounted button on the side opposite the LED display, and the top extends to protect the draw stem again.  This works really well, and is great for protecting the tube on the go, but we did honestly wonder a bit about the longevity of the mechanism.  Not because it doesn’t work perfectly-it does- but because all mechanisms fail eventually.  On the other hand, some mechanisms work for a really long time, and Arizer hasn’t disappointed yet, so we’re giving it the benefit of the doubt!

With the ArGo, there is one major difference from the Air and SOLO in that the oven is near the bottom of the device rather than the top.  This was a necessary design feature to allow Arizer’s Aroma Tube/ Oven technology to be utilized.  So If the base of the oven does get gummed-up, it may be a bit more difficult to clean.  To avoid the potential problem altogether,  be sure to not overfill the bowl portion of the Aroma Tube so your weed doesn’t come into contact with the bottom of the oven. 

The ArGo comes with an excellent quality belt-clip carrying case similar to that for the Air II, with the familiar sleeves for loaded Aroma Tubes at the sides.

The Power…

The ArGo has same high quality 18650 Lithium Ion battery that the Air II uses, giving the ArGo great performance.  With a fully charged battery, we found the heating time of the ArGo from room temperature to the maximum temperature of 220 C to be almost identical to the Air II at about 75 seconds.  Also, like the Air II the operating time is about 90 minutes which is great.  But if you do start running low on battery,  it is no hassle to just plug in the amply long (six foot!) USB charging cord, and keep vaping!


The Function…

The ArGo has the same easy-to-use controls and functionality as the new Air II and SOLO II.  You will easily learn how to use it the first time around.

To turn the unit on, just hold down the menu and + button down for 6 seconds, which is the default power-on setting.  The display will show the countdown, then say “Hi” to indicate is has turned on. 

Once on, pressing any button will start the ArGo oven heating to the last set-point that was used, showing its heating progress on the digital display.

Hitting the menu button allows you to adjust a lot of the settings and functions.  Pressing it repeatedly lets you scroll through all of the available functions, including beep volume, display brightness, power-on time and auto-off time, and temperature in degrees C or F.

The power-ON time is adjustable between 2 and 8 seconds in increments of 2 seconds, and the auto-OFF time defaults at 10 minutes, but can also be adjusted between 5 and 15 minutes in 2 minute increments to suit your specific session needs.

The temperature control with the ArGo is super precise, adjustable in one (1) or ten (10) degree increments from 50 degrees C to 220 degrees C.  The up and down arrow buttons let you find the ideal temperature for your session.

Brightness and volume are adjustable through low, medium and high setting which is really handy for discretion purposes.

I found the ArGo is really nice to use, and the battery indicator always showing on the screen lets you know if you should plug in soon.

The Performance…

The performance of the ArGo is very similar to the Air II…it kicked butt. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting the clouds the ArGo produced.  From the start to the finish of my session, I was getting really nice rich vapour consistently.  The draw was nice and easy with excellent airflow, and the vapour tasted great and wasn’t too hot.  Arizer has successfully brought their iconic Glass Aroma Tube /Oven technology to a very small and portable unit.

Just like the other Arizer portable devices, the ArGo will be a breeze to keep clean and tidy because the herb never actually comes into contact with the oven (as long as you are careful not to over pack the bowl).

Packing the glass stem more or less tightly also changes the airflow and the richness of the vape.  I like leaving it pretty loose to let preheated air really wrap around the botanical but tight enough to stay in the bowl;  you get a richer vapour experience, but one that doesn’t last as long as if you pack more firmly.  But when it’s left a bit loose, you usually don’t have to stir at all.  When you’re finished, you can take the stem out while it’s still warm and simply tip out the spent material.


The Bottom Line…9.2


The bottom line is that the ArGo is a new favorite Canadian product that we are happy to carry and endorse.

Excellent battery life, precision, great looks, easy use, superior performance and unsurpassed portability puts it close to the top of the best portable vaporizers.

Like always, Arizer supports the ArGo with a 2 year general warranty against flaws in materials and workmanship, and the heater is covered for life.

If you have any questions at all, I hope you’ll feel free to drop me a line, at

Vape Happy!

Dave, at Rocky Shore.