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Sophia-Waterloo, ON

"Hi David. That's thoughtful of you [to follow up]. Yes, I am loving [the Utillian 720]'s great and easy to use. I can feel the difference from vapin' instead of burning it. Thanks for your great customer's outstanding. I really appreciated you explaining everything about it. I've been using it since the day I picked it up. And when I meet someone else who wants one.....I will definitely be sending them to you! Have a great day!"





…I received it [V2-7 Vaporizer] like 2 days ago! It was fast as hell! Thanks again for the great service!…




“…I just stumbled upon your site actually. In Google I searched “buy plenty vape Canada”…I liked the look of your site and the products you have all looked solid, they are all high end products that I’ve been reading about. When I sent my first question and you responded so quickly I knew I had to buy from you because of your quick response…love the customer service!…I’m excited to try the unit out!…So awesome! Thanks a lot for all of your help! You made the process easy. I sure appreciate all the support. I’m excited to receive this unit [Storz-Bickel, Plenty], I’ve been researching it a lot over the past while. Glad that I stumbled upon your site. I will be purchasing stuff for my plenty from you in the future!”