The Prohibited 5th Degree Cannabis Vaporizer – Review

Prohibited 5th degree vaporizer

The Prohibited 5th Degree Cannabis Herb and Concentrate 


Hey, Everybody!  Sitting by the Rocky Shores on a rainy day seems like a great time to dive into the attributes of a great new unit, the Prohibited 5th Degree, a 2 in 1  cannabis vaporizer,  suitable for Flower or Wax.     

The 5th Degree has a simple one-button operation, interchangeable cartridges, a  sleek, quality construction, and cool colours.  The single power button intuitively turns the unit on and off, and allows one of three power settings to be chosen.   

For a conductive unit (as opposed to typically more expensive convective units),  the 5th Degree offers pretty impressive performance,  producing fairly dense, effective vapour.     

The 5th Degree Cannabis Vaporizer really is a great looking device, with cool colours and nicely fabricated aluminum body and ergonomically comfortable mouthpiece.  The 5th Degree’s dimensions are about  5″ x 1-3/8″ x 7/8″ to fit easily in a shirt or shirt pocket, little purse, or almost anywhere. 

At Rocky Shore we think the Prohibited is a great vaporizer for the connoisseur on the go at a great price.  Let’s look at what the Prohibited 5th Degree has to offer!

Using the Prohibited 5th Degree

The 5th degree in intuitive and super easy to use. Just drop either the Wax or Herb Cartridge into the top of the device while aligning the little indent on one side, and the cartridge snaps neatly  into place and is held  magnetically.   The device knows which cartridge you are using and functionality adapts appropriately.  

To turn the 5th degree on and off, press the button 3 times quickly.  If the unit is turning on, the button perimeter light and the base perimeter light  flashes white three times.  If the unit is shutting down, the button light flashes white, and the base perimeter light flashes red.

The method to pick the power/ temperature setting is the same for herb and wax.  With the unit on, press the button twice quickly, and the three lights just under the button start to cycle through the low, medium and high settings.  When the desired setting is reached, press the button once, and the temperature is set.  

With the temperature setting set, the 5th Degree is ready to use. For the Herb Cartridge, just push and hold the power button for about 3 seconds.  The button light will come on, and the base light will be first red, then yellow as the device heats up, and finally green when it is good to go.  We found the heating time from cold to the highest temperature setting was about 30 seconds.

If you are using the Wax Cartridge, you just push the button as you inhale, just like an e-cigarette.  We found it helpful to pulse the button quite briefly for wax instead of just holding the button down.   We found when we held the button too long, the vapour was just too hot even at the lower settings.  

Temperature Settings

The 5th Degree has pretty good temperature and power flexibility for a device of this size.   For herb there are three temperature settings, 200° C,  210° C,  and 225° C as indicated by the bottom, middle and high power setting lights respectively.  For the wax cartridge, the lights indicate 3.7 V, 4.2 V, and 4.7 V.   The heat time from cold to the highest setting for the herb cartridge is about 30 seconds, and the wax cartridge heats up instantly.


Vapor Quality

The Prohibited 5th Degree Vaporizer produces a surprisingly rich herb vapour especially for a conductive device.  We find just lightly packing the herb allows fairly even heating, and a solid vapour experience.

The vapour with waxes is also excellent, but we did find that for us, there was a bit of technique required.  We found ‘pulsing’ the power button critical to our control of the vapour quality. Even at the lowest power setting, we felt that holding the button made the vapour too hot for our liking.  However, pulsing the button produced an excellent experience. 

Overall the 5th produced a great experience with either herb or wax.  

Quality of Construction

the 5th Degree is a well put together device manufactured with good, high-quality materials.  The colours are great, and the device feels substantial in your hand.  

The mouthpieces are ergonomically nice, and with the big herb cartridge, it is an ideal device if your friend wants to share!

The magnetic charging cord is a nice touch of convenience that makes it kind of slick too.

The way the chambers slide precisely into the casing of the unit to eventually be snapped into place magnetically give the device a feel of precision craftsmanship.  

One-button control is always great, and the sequences to operate the unit are simple enough that the learning curve is pretty darn short to becoming an expert in using the 5th Degree.  

Battery Charge Life

The battery life is quite good with herb and as you’d expect,  a bit shorter when waxed are being used.  

The heat time for the herb cartridge getting to the highest set point in an 30 seconds or a bit less.  With waxes, the coils heat instantly of course.  




The 5th Degree is slim, sleek and small,  and easy to stow away in a pocket without drawing unwanted attention. 







The Bottom Line… 8.1

The Prohibited 5th Degree is a solid performer that we really like. 

The high quality construction, sleek look, and versatility with the interchangeable cartridges make the 5th Degree a really unique device. 

The vapor quality is remarkably good for a conductive device and is ultimately flexible allowing you to just change out the cartridge instead of putting pads or cups into your device when you want to switch between wax and herb.  This means you can also swap mid-session, or have a spare unused cartridge if you are travelling. 

We think of the Prohibited as a flexible travel companion, that we will have in our carry-on.  

If you have any questions at all, we hope you’ll drop a line at